A new system
of employee benefits
Increase your employees’ loyalty.

Provide employee benefits which they will truly appreciate and which will also help you as their employer.

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What is the Quadratum Employee Help Program?

The Quadratum Employee Help Program is a new system of employee benefits focussed on the provision of help and assistance to employees in the areas of law, taxes, coaching, finance, psychology, nutritional consultancy or other types of consultancy.

Put simply, employers can provide employees who find themselves in difficulties with expert assistance from experienced professionals. This always involves the relationship of a consultant (an attorney, a tax consultant, a psychologist) and a client, who is the employer’s employee. Give your employees something which will assist them and which they will appreciate.
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Typy poradenství

Examples of the types of matters which the employees can resolve with the consultants

  • Purchasing a flat – consultancy (legal)
  • Divorce (legal)
  • Relationship problems (a psychologist)
  • Tax returns (a tax advisor)
  • Searching for a locksmith (general consultancy)
  • Mortgages (financial consultancy)
  • Alcoholism, problems with drugs, how to stop smoking (a psychologist)


What are the advantages for employers?

  • Increased concentration in your employees
  • Increased employee loyalty
  • Reduced employee fluctuation
  • A more prestigious employer in the eyes of potential new employees
  • Less incapacity to work
  • Tax deductible
  • A low financial burden for the employer

What are the advantages for the employees?

  • Free
  • Available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
  • Confidential
  • The service is available to employees and their direct family members
  • The service is available to employees and their direct family members
  • Our independent advisors are available immediately
  • The employees can call the advisory service as many times as is necessary, no matter whether it involves problems in the workplace or at home
  • Comfortable and time-saving
  • The consultancy can be accessed by telephone and online
  • Assistance in daily matters and in difficult times


The final calculation depends on the number of employees and the scope of the services which the employer orders. Please contact Filip directly by telephone on

+420 604 211 488

How does it all work?

The employee calls the QUADRATUM telephone line anonymously (they do not need to give their real name).
The switchboard operator (available 24 hours a day/7 days a week) will assess which type of consultancy the employee is interested in and subsequently contact an attorney/tax advisor/psychologist.
The appropriate professional will then contact the employee within 24 hours and resolve their problem (by telephone, in person).


This always involves a confidential relationship bound by the appropriate law and protected by confidentiality (attorney-client or medical confidentiality, etc.).
This always involves an attorney/client, tax consultant/client or psychologist/client relationship
The employer is never informed of the employees’ questions.
Consultancy is not provided in cases of conflicts of interest with the employer.

e-mail: info@quadratum.cz

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